"…earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3.

Gleans from Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi Retreat messages

Gleans from Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi messages at the Deeper Life Worldwide December Retreat 2015

Readiness for Christ’s Coming

Day 1 Evening Message – GS

Song – I want to be ready to meet Him

Sermon – Constant Readiness for Christ’s Return

Sceptre – Acts 1:9-11; Revelations 1:7; 2:25; 3:11; 16:15; 22:12,20; Matthew 24:34-39,42,44; Mark 13:28-

You have to be very sure that the word of God has given us this revelation about Christ’s Coming. There is a certainty that Christ is coming again. Then there is the necessity of getting ourselves ready for His coming. His coming is imminent, we need to be ready for His Coming. 
Christ Himself gave us an illustration on what happened to people that were not ready for great event like this. So we need to be ready constantly, be ready every time.
It is useless and irrelevant setting dates for His Coming, ours is to be ready at all time for His Coming. 
Nothing wrong in eating but that that was the preoccupation of their lives, which makes it wrong. 
The Noah’s event is an event that warns us that His Coming will be similar to that event.
This is a message that the Lord will want us to meditate and pray about to get us ready for His Coming. He calls us to watchfulness. The Lord was speaking to His immediate audience that were mostly farmers, that know from experience when they see the leaves, they know that summer is near. Also, when they see all the predictions He made happening, shows that His Coming is near. The word of God cannot pass away. You are examining yourselves all the time to ensure that you are ready for His coming, and if there is anything in your life, you want to repackage your load and get yours of ready for His Coming.

3 points

1. The World and its People before Christ’s Return 

Matthew 24:36-39; Genesis 6:1-8; Luke 17:28-32; Genesis 19:1,4-6,9-11,15-17,26; James 4:4; Luke 21:34-36; Revelations 18:

He tells us the condition of the world at the time of Noah, that this will be similar to the condition of the world in which we are living today. And the flood came to take them by surprise. It talks about their preoccupation not the iniquities. Many are not seeking the Lord for His glory but what they can have. There is a limit to all that in your life, a time is coming, when the marriage will be profitable, the job will not be useful, and all that you have will fail you. 
They were not thinking of righteousness so that they will be saved, or seeking after righteousness. The world is getting worse and worse, righteousness and grace to living holily is not there. Look at your life, are you religious and not righteous? 
God created man so that man will look like Him, this cause the judgement to come upon them at that time of Noah, and the same today. 
To get ready for the coming of the Lord, we need that grace for salvation, sanctification, purification to have a heart like Him.
The commerce of the world today is similar to that of the days of Lot.
In all the historical illustrations that Jesus gave us, only very few were saved, majority were lost in the flood and fire. Only the few whose hearts are holy, righteous and living for the Lord will be saved at the time of His coming. There will be backsliders, people that saw angels and the glory of God but will lose all those virtues.
See at the time of Lot, the men were so bent to do evil and wickedness even when they see the judgement of God coming upon them.
Even Lot lingered after he saw the Angels and the manifestation of divine power. They were told to escape to the mountains. Lot’s wife could have escaped but she perished, because Sodom was in her heart, all the treasures, iniquities, fashions, gold, traditions of Sodom in her heart, and she perished. 
If there were not dangers, then there will be no warning. Beware of worldliness and carnality.
Cares of this life will make you forget that you are on your way to heaven, they will deaden your heart, and make you unprepared for His Coming. 
You cannot love the world and be ready for his coming, come out of this world. For you escape the judgement of the world, you need to come out of the world and come into His salvation.

2. Watchfulness and Preparations for Christ’s Return

Matthew 25:1-13; John 3:3,5-7; Hebrews 10:37-39; 12:14-17; Luke 12:15-21,34-40; Revelations 16:15

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Who prophecies and promised His Coming, calls us to watchfulness and readiness for His Coming. 
There are many people that believed doctrinally that Jesus is coming, but this is not enough, watchfulness is necessary.
The foolish took their lamps of religion, but don’t have the experience that will prepare them for His Coming. 
Some people in the Church, who are religious, and know about the coming of the Lord will not be ready. Be like the wise virgins, get rid of all those things that will make you not to be ready for His Coming.
You cannot share salvation, and other christian experiences with the person closest to you, that you have is only enough for you. Go out and get it yourself, and get it in good time, to be ready for His Coming.
Obviously, if we are going to be ready, we must be born again. Those who are fleshly are not born again. 
The just shall live by faith, not by doubt nor unbelief. 
If you are giving to strife, fighting, arguments and debate against the word of God, then you are not following peace, and not ready for His coming, so we need to follow peace and be holy. A sinner, carnal man is not holy, so you need to be holy and righteous to be ready for His Coming. 
There are people who count precious things, eternal life, very cheap, they will give it up at any price of healing, prosperity, pleasure, worldliness, carnality like Esau. 
Crying alone does not show repentance. It could be cries of regret, remorse like Esau. 
Beware of covetousness. A man’s life does not consist in the things he possesses, you can become a slave to money, possessions, riches, take heed and beware. 
When are you going to prepare your soul for heaven. A fool is one that has wisdom and knowledge to acquire wealth, certificates, possessions 
We need to be ready, constantly prepared for Christ’s Coming. He wants us to get saved, sanctified and be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost to overcome all the temptations and the things that the devil will throw at us.

3. The Wonder of Preparedness for the Church’s Rapture.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-17; Matthew 24:21-27; Genesis 7:1; 1 John 3:1-3; Revelations 19:7-8; 22:12-17

As Enoch and Elijah went up without seeing death, so the Church of God will be taken away at the Rapture without seeing death, but we need to prepare for His Coming.
This is the wonder of it, when Christ comes and you are ready, that we will go up with Him at the Rapture to be with Him forever. 
Those who missed the Rapture will go through the Great Tribulation. What a wonder it will be that we missed this great tribulation, when we go with the Lord at the Rapture.
If your heart is only on miracles and wonders, you could be easily be deceived. Take heed and beware. 
The people that missed the flood at Noah’s time, are the people that God found righteous. The people that will miss the Great Tribulation are the people that God will find righteous. 
Are you righteous or reprobate? Are you ready for His Coming? Only those who are holy and righteous in the private and public that will go the Lord.
If the world appreciates you, I doubt if you are ready for Christ’s Coming. 
The wonder is that our glorified bodies with be like His Resurrected body. 
We don’t get saved or sanctified because of a particular denomination but because you want to be ready for His Coming.
It takes watchfulness to be ready.
He wants us to be ready for His Coming, to be awake and not sleep with the world. 
The door is still opened, salvation, sanctification, the grace of Gid is still available, and as you come, the Lord will make ready. Come and be ready for Christ’s Coming.
You will come to the Lord even now!

Faith Clinic – GS
Song – That’s what I have

Sermon – Benefits through His Blood

Sceptre – Hebrews 10:19-23; 9:11-14,22

We can come not just to the outer court but to come to the holiest of holy, we can get saved, sanctified and the power of God.
There is no doubt nor uncertainty of this, we have the boldness to enter by His blood, that saves, cleanses and provides all the benefits of heaven for us.
We have Him as our High Priest, He represents us before us, and represents God before us. If there is any sin in our lives, we go straight to Calvary for cleansing and forgiveness.
The blessings we receive in the New Covenant is greater than the benefits they receive in the old Covenant. He obtained eternal redemption for us by just one sacrifice He made on the Cross at Calvary.

3 points:

1. Peace and Pardon through His Blood

Romans 3:23-26; 5:1,6-10; Ephesians 1:7; 2:11-19; 1 Peter 1:18-19; Matthew 26:28

If you are followed by the shadows of your sins, you cannot have peace, but when you are cleaned by the blood,of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, you will have pardon and peace.
Sin brings guilt, condemnations and attract heaven’s judgement.
He died for you so that’s why you can have pardon and peace through His blood. God appointed Jesus to be the Substitute for our redemption. As you have faith in His Blood now, then the benefits of that Cross come to you.
Sins that are past, He is able to forgive and cleanse because you have faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. 
He is the Justifier that sets him free who believes in the sacrifice of Jesus. The Lord has taken the guilt and condemnation away.
We are condemned because of our sin, but as we believe in the blood of Jesus, we are justified by faith, pardoned, forgiven, guilt is gone, we now have peace with God.
You can come just as you are, but He will not send you away just as you were, there will be a change of life, transformation, justification, pardon and peace will come. Transformation, regeneration comes with that forgiveness. 
The wrath of God is removed.
Forgiveness, freedom, pardon is in that redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ. He sets us free from the hold, imprisonment of Satan. 
The blood of Christ is the only thing that can bring you into relationship with God. He is our Peace
There is no reconciliation in any other except through the the blood of Jesus. 
The means of our salvation is the precious blood of Christ.
The blood of Jesus grants us peace before God, pardon from God. But goes beyond that to give us purity and power over sin. 

2. Purity and Power through His Blood

Hebrews 9:12-14; 1 John 1:7; Hebrews 10:19,20; 13:12-13,20-21; Revelations 7:9-17; Ephesians 5:25-27; Revelation 19:7,8

The holiness, renewal we have through that blood of Jesus. We have fellowship, relationship one with another through the blood of Jesus. 
Is there any inward sin, or anything you are excusing in your life, apply the blood of Jesus to be free from that sin, and be holy and sanctified, by the blood of Jesus. 
If you know the Lord truly, you will not stop at salvation, but you want to go further to all the Calvary has in stock for you, to be purified and made holy. There is no covenant after the Covenant of Jesus. He is the last and perfect covenant. 
Multitudes have been saved and sanctified through the blood of the Lamb, so you must be part of that multitudes today. 
For you to be holy and pure enough to get to heaven, it is the blood of the Lamb. 
It is the blood of the Lamb that so cleanses, purifies and makes you ready for heaven.
If you are born again, you will love your wife, and do the commandment of God. 
Christ loves the world, that He gave Himself for the pardon and peace of the sinners, but for the Church, the same love He has for the Church for the purity and sanctification of the church through His blood. 
To get to heaven, you need this purity that comes through the blood of Jesus Christ.

3. Protection and Provision through His Blood

Exodus 12:12-17,22,23; Acts 20:28; Exodus 15:16; 1 Corinthians 6:19,20; Isaiah 43:7,21; 1 Peter 2:9; Revelations 12:9-11

Whatever we read in the Old Covenant concerning the blood of the animals that were shed, but in the New Covenant, we have something higher in the blood of Jesus Christ. For the blood of Jesus will do much more for us, than the blood of the animals in the old covenant.
Judgement came upon Egypt because of their idolatry, rejection of the word of the Lord, their evil and sin. The children of Israel was to clear leaven from their houses, because leaven was a symbol of sin, a symbol of contagious evil, separate themselves from all the idols of Egypt, that is a form of repentance. 
They are to stay under the protection of the blood, obedience, faithfulness and being conscious of God’s commandments were still required for them to enjoy the protection and provision of the blood. 
We are purchased by the blood of Jesus, we are redeemed, renewed and reconciled to God. So we have protection and provision that Calvary have purchased for us, so we can come and claim all these by the blood of the Lamb. And we are to glorify and honour Him by our lives and bodies. 
You belong God, He has granted you provision, protection, and benefits of the blood.
You can come with the boldness to enter into the holiest of holy by the blood of the Lamb.
The blood of the Lamb good gives us victory, courage and boldness to overcome the devil, demons and all the works of Satan. Come boldly by yourself.

Bible Teaching – GS

Sermon – The Great Commandment in the Family

Sceptre – Revelations 1:7; 2:5; 16:15; 22:12,20; Matthew 22:37-39; 28:18

The word we are hearing is to prepare us for the Lord’s Coming
You have to be very watchful, there is a Satan around the corner, that will try to destroy you, so you have to be ready for His Coming. 
You should be thinking about Him every day, to love the Lord with the whole of your heart, and not to love the Lord is a great sin. 
If you give allowance to love God partially and to hate your neighbours, this is a wrong interpretation.
He has authority over the Angels in heaven, over everything on earth, over all flesh, all men, all animals, by Creation, Redemption and Sustaining power. He has authority over your skills, talent and time. You have to go into all the nations and preach the gospel. 
We say amen to His authority, commandment and word.

3 points

1. The Great Characteristics of God’s Family.

Romans 9:6; John 2:23-25; Matthew 7:21-23; 2 Timothy 3:5; Titus 1:16; 1 Timothy 5:6; 2 Kings 17:33,34; 2 Corinthians 6:17,18; John 1:12; Matthew 12:49,50; 1 John 3:1-10; 1 Peter 1:14-16

Many believed when they saw the miracles. It is not enough to believe in miracles. What do you believe? How do you believe? That you are working in miracles, that is not enough, there must be something beyond all these, that makes us true children of God.
Having a form of godliness, turn away from them, that is not enough. They are reprobates. We need to understand, who are the members of God’s family, and what are there are characteristics. 
They feared the Lord on Sunday, and serve their own idols, traditions, flesh, and sins during the week. Nothing has change in their lives, even they claimed to be Christians, born again. 
Who then are the children of God? 
You must come out from all those ungodliness, and touch not those defiling. The children of God are those who know sin as sinful, evil, defiling, have repented, turned away from their sins and touch not the unclean. They do the Will of God, not just profess nor confess, they do. 
The world knows us not. They don’t approve of our lifestyle. 
A true child of God does not take sin as a pleasure, planning to sin, delight in sinning, does not make an habit of sinning, nor go deliberately into sinning. 

2. The Great Commandment in God’s Family

Mark 12:28-34; Deuteronomy 30:6; Romans 8:35-39; 1 John 3:16; Galatians 2:20

The Lord Jesus made it very clear here, that as a child of God, you want to know the first great commandment of the Lord, and that is to love the Lord with all your mind, heart, soul, strength, spirit, the totality of man, to delight in the Lord with the whole man, to lay everything at His feet, and do whatever He wants me to do. 
This man accepted the correct doctrine but he was not there yet. That you answer correctly, accept sound doctrines, believe the totality of the word, you are not there yet, for you need to accept the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, then you are there. Let the doctrine transfer from your head to the soul, not mental assent, you must have the real bonafide experience of a real child of God. Love Him like Abraham loved Him, to give up his Isaac unto the Lord. Love Him like Moses loved Him, counted the riches of Egypt as nothing. Love Him like Ruth loved Him, like Peter and Paul loved Him. It is practical, experiential, willing to give up all things to the Lord. Have you given up anything for the Lord?  
When the Lord circumcises your heart, you will not be struggling with the commandment of the Lord, and to do the Will of God. 
You have not suffer any of these 7 things, even 1% of these – tribulations, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril or sword.
We love God with whole of our heart and soul, then we love our neighbours, brethren like Christ loves us.
Wives are you willing to lay down your husbands for the work of the Lord with his talents, skills. Are you willing to lay down your certificates and serve the Lord? 
He laid down His life for us on the Cross, we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren and for His glory. 

3. The Great Commission for God’s Family

Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8; Romans 1:8; Acts 8:4; 17:6; Luke 19:10,13

Go ye into all the world. He has authority over your life, time and talents, so then go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Don’t wait for them to come to you, go to them. 
See the way the disciples did in their own time, 30 years interval, between the Acts 1:8 and Romans 1:8, they have covered the whole world. Where are we in this church? We have existed for more than 30 years, and yet not able to reach the whole world. 
Members and minsters we are to do it, to take this great commission to the world. Be occupy until He comes. He wants us to be faithful and do this great work He has given to His church. 

Revival Message – GS

Sermon – Watchfulness While Others Sleep

Sceptre – Matthew 13:47-49: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-10,7,6

The large church is asleep while the Christlike church is awake.
As the days of Noah and Lot were, only few that will be saved at the time of Christ’s Coming. Let us not sleep as others, watch while others sleep. We are to be awake 
There is natural sleep – vs 7, but we are talking about spiritual one – vs 6, when you are not conscious of the coming of the Lord, with all the signs all around you, yet you are still not conscious of His Coming. 
There is also the perpetual sleep, the sleep of death – vs 10
Because of the certainty we have that Christ is coming, don’t sleep, be awake, conscious of His coming with all the signs around us.

3 points

1. Warriors lost through Carnal Sinful Sleep

Ephesians 6:12-18; 2 Timothy 2:3-5; Judges 16:19-21; 1 Samuel 24:2-4,11; 26:4,7,16; Ephesians 5:14

We are not fighting flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. We are warriors as Christians. 
You need that faith yourself personally, the faith of your pastors, prayer warriors or of other persons will not be enough for you. You need that personal faith before you can be saved, sanctified, baptised in the Holy Ghost, receive grace to resist temptation and stand for the Lord. You need to put on the armour of the Lord by yourself to stand in the evil day. All the word of God that another knows will not help you in the day of battle, it is the word you hear, read and meditate on by yourself that will help you to stand in the evil day. You are to endure hardness yourself.
We are warriors, soldiers and we need to be watching.
Natural sleep that leads to spiritual sleep, warrior what are you doing there. This is the time of careless, let go all the restrictions, time for vacation, this is the time Samson took, and that led him to his downfall. This man came for pleasure, but Delilah was afflicting him. She was an agent of the Philistines. You don’t know, we are living in a dangerous world, controlled by the devil and demons, you don’t know when an agent will be send to you, to pull you down. Beware! 
It is not what you say, but the abiding Spirit within that brings the power.
Israel lost their warrior because the man slept in the wrong place, in the wrong time, and interact with the wrong companion. Have you thought about yourself? The places you go without praying? The people you contact and interact with without praying? A warrior, sleeping at the wrong time, in the wrong place. They have put a price on you, but you will not be lost in Jesus Name. 
Saul was after David. And David was not just an original citizen in Israel. A man that has killed a lion, bear and even Goliath by himself, fear that young man. He didn’t think through far enough. When you are fighting a man like that, don’t sleep, but Saul went to sleep. David would have killed Saul but for the fear of God he had. Fear such a man like this. 
When you are fighting against a devil and demons that are vigilant, and you take things easy, you don’t spend time to fast and pray, you don’t know what you are after. How can you sleep even in the night, see David and Abishai, they could not sleep in the night because they knew what they were after. You have the call of God, anointing of the Spirit upon your life, how can you sleep in this evil world. Not everybody can love you. David was watching while Saul was asleep. You will not sleep. The devil and demons will not catch you. You have to wake up

2. Warning against Condemned Selfish Sleep

Isaiah 56:10,11; Nahum 3:18; Ezekiel 3:17-20; Matthew 13:24-27; Galatians 1:6-8; 3:1-4; 4:14-20; 5:7

Shepherd sleeping has grave consequences. You are a watchman as a pastor, father, mother, teacher, so you cannot sleep, but be awake to warn the wicked. 
The tares will not appear immediately. The enemy is sowing the tares, he is not on vacation, working diligently to sow the bad seeds, the tares to destroy the good seeds, sound doctrines of the word of God. 
Are there enemies of the gospel in the land, yes. Are there Jezebels in the land? Yes. Are there false prophets, teachers in the land? Yes. So we need to take heed, and don’t sleep. This the reason while we must not sleep. You will not be tired, you will renew your strength in the Lord, we cannot faint, this is the time to be awake, we cannot sleep. 
While men slept, pollutions have come in, when Paul was away, enemies have come in.
Fathers, and mothers are you watching over your children. From today, we shall wake up and watch.

3. Watchfulness against Careless Spiritual Sleep

Proverbs 10:5; Jeremiah 5:24; Isaiah 52:1-3,7,8,11; 1 Corinthians 15:34

This is the time of harvest. We cannot sleep at this time, you are reaper and harvester for the Lord. 
There is revival in our church, time of the harvest, that the Lord has graciously given unto us, you will not sleep at this time of the harvest. You will awake and arise and gather in the harvest.
Spiritual sleep have come to end, no more, natural sleep ok at the right time and for the right reason. We shall see eye to eye. 
Revival will come into your soul, and all that you have lost, will be restore back again in Jesus Name. 
Today is the day of recovery.

Faith Clinic – GS

Sermon – Empowered by the Indwelling Spirit

Sceptre – Acts 2:1,16-18,38-39; Luke 24:49; 11:9-13; 

1. The Promise of the Spirit

This is going to be your day. Something has taken place, they were united, they were saved, and sanctified, no more position seeking, no more argument. They were sitting down, not an emotional experience, sitting down and were praying. The coming of the Holy Ghost is not just to speak in tongues, but when the Holy Ghost come, the young men will see vision , dreams of the heavenly vision, and prophesy.
Jesus promised the Spirit, the Father promised the experience. They were to look unto Jesus to baptise them with the power, and we ask the Father by faith. And have the confidence that He will definitely answer.

2. The Presence of the Spirit

Galatians 5:22-24; Romans 8:14-16; John 14:17; 16:12,13; 14:26

Those who are baptised in the Spirit are not strangers to the Holy Ghost. Just as before you are baptise in water, you are not stranger to water, you have the water of the word of God to cleanse you, before you are taken to the water to be baptise.
You are not stranger to Him because, you are born of the Spirit and water of the word, and you have witness of the Spirit in you, so your are not stranger to the Holy Ghost, before you are bearing the fruit of the Spirit. Already, He is present in you, but at baptism, He comes to be prominent in you. When He comes to do other things as well after the baptism in the Spirit. He will reveals more of Christ to you, guide you into all truth. Holy Ghost will teach you all things. And you will remember the word of God that you have learnt even when trials and temptation come. He will comfort, counsel, bring boldness, courage, fire, power, zeal, vision and many other things.

3. The Power of the Spirit

Acts 1:8; Micah 3:8; Acts 4:31,33; Isaiah 40:28-31

You will have power, and testify to others about Jesus, touch the lives of other people with the gospel because of the fire of the Holy Ghost in you. When you have the Hily Ghost, you will be bold and courageous to declare the sin of the people unto them. You will confront evil when the Holy Ghost comes. You will challenge evil anywhere you find evil, and lead them to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Fearlessness, boldness, authority and power will come upon you. Your environment will be clean.
Your own time have come to pray and receive this power of the Holy Ghost.

Bible Teaching – GS

Song – The old fashioned meeting

Sermon – The Old Landmarks in Modern Times

Sceptre – Proverbs 22:28; 23:10; 24:21; 1 Timothy 4:15,16

Here the word of the Lord encourages and exhorts that if there is anything we need to hold on to till the very end, it is the ancient landmark. It talks about the sacrifice of our fathers. The revelation of God’s word coming all the way from Moses, Abraham, David, and all the prophets and apostles, and we are not to remove the old landmark. It should not be done intentionally, by forgetfulness, by the challenges we face in life, we are not to remove this old landmark. We are not to meddle with those that want to change the old landmark. Your eternity is at stake and that of the people that listen to you, if you don’t meditate to keep the old landmark

3 points

1. The Foundation and Doctrine of the Master’s Landmark

1 Corinthians 3:10,11; Luke 6:47,48; 16:18-24; John 15:6; Matthew 28:18-20; John 8:30-31

The foundation matters a lot. The Lord has laid the foundation, and if you are not building on that foundation, then you are not wise. Jesus is our Saviour, Sanctifier, Baptiser in the Holy Ghost, Healer, and the Coming King, that is the Foundation. 
Jesus gave us the totality of the word we need to make it on that final day. He preach repentance, not just religion, he spoke about faith, restitution, restoration, righteousness, salvation, purity of heart, holiness, sanctification, water baptism, Lord’s Supper, marriage, that it is for life, no separation nor divorce, He spoke about hell, evangelism, backsliding, need to persevere till the very end, He spoke about heaven as well. Any one that must build, must build on this foundation that Jesus has laid. Teach what He has taught, stand on what He stood on, preach what He preached while on earth. 
Are you confidence in teaching what Jesus taught, salvation, sanctification, hell fire, Holy Ghost baptism, heaven? 

2. The False and Danger of Modern Day Liars

Job 24:2; Zephaniah 3:4; Ezekiel 13:22; Jeremiah 23:13,14; 2 Peter 2:1-3,19-22; Revelations 21:8

Those who change the ancient landmark are liars.
There are people that will take the landmarks of Christ, of Scriptures, of the Church of God, and they violently take away the hearts of the people from God, and they feed themselves. 
These false prophets and liars because they don’t have the grace of God to live righteously, they will tune down sound doctrines. They are not working in line with the Lord, not in agreement with the word of God. That you make the backsliders, the wicked happy. Do you make the backsliders happy in your preaching? What do you preach? If you ministry is not convicting backsliders, sinners, then you are not serving the Lord, you are a liar. And the will be the judgement of God upon you.
Our ministry must not cause people to go away from holiness, from readiness for the coming of the Lord, from righteousness, if you do, then you are a liar. 
You cannot send multitudes to hell, and God take you to heaven. If you send others to hell by your false teachings, you will go to hell when you have sent others to. 
That’s why the Lord is calling us to call back to the basis, foundation of the word of God. 
Pulpit, private and public liars shall have their part in the lake of fire. 

3. The Faithfulness of Disciples with Ministerial Loyalty

1 Corinthians 4:2; 2 Timothy 2:2; Psalms 119:33-34; 1 Kings 22:13,14; Hebrews 3:6,12-14; Revelations 22:12-15,18-21

It is required in church leaders, pastors that a man be found faithful. We are to commit the word and work to faithful men and women who have the authority of the word and life to teach others.
We don’t serve the Lord with half hearted service, but with our whole hearts and make a commit me unto the Lord.
All that you have learned, and heard, you hold it firm, then you will be a partaker of the eternal kingdom. 
All the doctrines you have learnt, hold them till the very end so that you will not lose your throne and crown.

Revival Message – GS

Sermon – Vessels of Honour in God’s Hands

Sceptre – 2 Timothy 2:19-22; 1 Thessalonians 4:3,4; Acts 9:15

We are have vessels at home, some we use for things profitable, while others we use for dirty things. Same in a Great house, a great Church, we have some vessels unto honour while others to dishonour. We as members of the church are referred to as vessels. 
To be a vessel of honour, you have a responsibility, decision, and things to do, to flee youthful lusts, follow after righteousness, peace, faith, charity with other vessels of honour.
The vessel is one that is saved, sanctified and useful for every good service by God. God refer to us as vessels when He calls us to His service just like Paul the Apostle.

3 points

1. Purified Vessels of Honour for Service

2 Timothy 2:19-22; Psalms 51:6-13; Isaiah 6:5-8; Malachi 3:3-4; 1 Corinthians 5:6-8; Hebrews 12:28; Matthew 5:6-7

In all season, generations, and ages, God has the same foundation, the opinions, oppositions of men cannot change that foundation. God will not change not modify that foundation. 
The pastor may preaches, but you are the one to purge yourselves from all uncleanness to be a vessel unto honour. Also you will want to keep your soul, your christian experiences of salvation, sanctification and Holy Ghost baptism, then you will flee youthful lusts, and follow after righteousness, charity, faith with others that are vessels of honour. You must be a vessel of honour first before you can be used of the Lord to tell others of His salvation. Get saved first
First salvation, pardon, then purity, sanctification of the heart. And then when you have the zeal, fire from the Lord, then you will do the work of the Lord. To offer unto the Lord that which is acceptable there must be the purifying of our vessels.
It takes grace in salvation, sanctification, purity of heart to serve the Lord. 
What’s the point serving the Lord here, and the trumpet sounds, you are left behind. It does not worth it. So get saved and sanctified. 
Being merciful is not like giving the work of God to one that is behaving childish, you don’t give the work of God as a toy. Pollution, defilement, angry people, will not get to heaven. 

2. Polluted Vessels of Dishonour without Salvation

2 Timothy 2:20; Hosea 8:8,3,12; Jeremiah 22:28; Micah 2:10; Ezekiel 36:25-27

There are some people that it’s a shame to be identified with them. These are polluted vessels who don’t have salvation. God does not have pleasure in such vessels. God cannot use polluted vessels. Sin, evil pollute anyone. If there is sin, defilement in your life, you may cover it up, and the church does not know, you are vessel unto dishonour. 
Let God purge His Church. 
If you are polluted, come out of that situation, and be purified. 
Come to the Lord for cleansing, purging and purifying in the blood of Jesus.
A new heart that will bring a new spirit, a new direction of life, it will happen in your life. 
A time of revival, regeneration, renewal has come.

3. Preferred Vessels for Harvesting of Souls

Psalms 101:6; Isaiah 52:11

These are the preferred vessels that God will use, those who are faithful and walks in perfect way. 
Depart from all the objects of temptations, shut your eyes against evil, then we would know that you are saved, sanctified. Touch not the unclean thing. All those defiling things, we take them away and be sanctified and then we will serve the Lord, a glorious, acceptable and profitable service. 
You will be a vessel unto honour for the Master’s use.

Last Message – GS

Song – Sweeping through the Gate

Sermon – Pressing On Towards the Heavenly Home

Sceptre – Philippians 3:13-14; 1:21-22; 3:20-21; Hebrews 12:1-4

Here we found Paul the Apostle, since he heard the voice from heaven, he knew there is a place called heaven, he wanted to do there. So because of this, he was pressing on, to reach his goal, heaven. 
When in your heart, there should be no doubt, there is a place called heaven.
There is an heaven to gain, a hell to shut, a glory to gain, a suffering to shown, there is a everlasting life to obtain, and a eternal punishment to shut. So we need to take care of any hinderances that will want to shut us out of heaven. You cannot press on until you lay aside all the weights, besetting sins. You might even have to lay down your life contending against evil and sins. 
This is not the time to slow down, let down or look back, we are nearer home today than yesterday, press on. 

3 points

1. Singleminded Pursuit of the Heavenly Home

Acts 7:55-57,59; Luke 9:51; Colossians 3:1-3; Philippians 3:7,8

Stephen saw heaven, the glory before he died. He was assured of the heavenly home before he died. When you see the glory, beauty and splendour of heaven, you will want to press on no matter what. Stephen had the singleminded pursuit that all the stones they throw at him, do not matter anymore to him. 
Make sure that your name is written in heaven. 
You are crucified with Christ, dead with Christ, buried with Christ, risen with Christ. You are dead to the world, to their festivities, pleasures, traditions, and then you are buried with Him and risen with Him, then seek those things which are above. Set your affections, minds, thoughts, on things heavenly, things above. To get to heaven, take your affection, interest, thoughts, minds, from those things that are temporary, and set it on things above. 
The things that were gain to me, profitable things, I count loss for Christ. 
Have you given anything up for Christ? 
Take voluntary decision to lock up yourself in your room, put off the phone, shut down the websites, so that when they come, they will not able to reach you.

2. Sinful Passion driving Men towards a Horrible Hell

Matthew 8:11-12; 25:41,46; Mark 9:43-48; Revelations 14:10-11; 20:11-15

Jesus spoke about hell more than any other person but in the Old and New Testaments. There is a hell to shun, to escape and to avoid.
The rich man found his soul and spirit in hell, so when a sinner, backslider, false prophets when they died, the spirit and soul go into hell, and hell has fire. Then on that resurrection, their bodies will join the spirit and soul and be cast into hell.
Do everything possible to do away with sin. 
The suffering of sickness cannot be compared with the sufferings of hell. 
Whatever happen, I will miss heaven in Jesus Name. 

3. Steadfast Perseverance with Heart Holiness

Psalms 24:3,4; Hebrews 12:14; Revelations 7:9-17; 19:7-9; 21:4-8; 22:3-7,12-17

If you don’t repent from all the idol worship, bribery, lies, abortion, your hands are not clean, if you die, you will go into hell. Getting to heaven implies that you have clean hands and pure heart, not imagining evil in your heart
Holiness of heart is what it takes to get to heaven.
Follow peace with all men, this is the only option you have, and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. Pay the price, count the cost, and pay whatever it will take for you to get to heaven. I will get to heaven. 
Heaven is a glorious, many will be there, and I will be there. 
Saved, sanctified will enter in, I will enter in. Doing the commandments of the Lord, counting all things of this world as dune, come and take the water of life freely, the door is still open.


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